Cheerleading and Pom-Pons

Cheerleading & Pom-poms are open to any girl in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. Practices are held from 3:30p.m. - 4:30p.m. Monday –Thursday. Games are Tuesdays & Thursdays. Games start at about 3:45 and run until 6:00. We typically return from away games by 6:00p.m. Please be here to pick your daughter up at that time.

For cheerleading, girls learn the school’s fight song, and other cheers. They perform at the pep assembly and on the sidelines for every flag football and boys basketball game. While cheering for home games, they also perform a cheer at half-time out on the field.

Flag Football Schedule
Sept 17 Home Vs Fontana
Sept 21 At Williams Bay
Sept 24 Home vs Sharon
Sept 28 Home vs Reek
Sept 29 At Fontana
Oct 1 Home vs Williams Bay
Oct 6 At Sharon
Oct 8 Home vs Reek

Pom-pom girls create and learn a routine for the boy’s basketball season. They also learn cheers specific to basketball games. They cheer on the sidelines and perform their routine at half time.

Boys Basketball Schedule
Nov 24 Home vs Sharon
Nov 30 Home vs Williams Bay
Dec 1 At Fontana
Dec 3 Home vs Reek
Dec 7 At Williams Bay
Dec 8 At Sharon
Dec 10 Home vs Fontana
Dec 14 Home vs Reek
Dec 17 Home vs Sharon
Dec 21 Home vs Williams Bay
Jan 5 At Fontana
Jan 7 At Reek
Jan 9 BFASA Basketball Tournament

Athletes are required to purchase a pair of briefs.  If your daughter has them from Wolves they are welcome to wear them.  We also recommend a well-made, all white athletic shoe. Girls will wear their gym clothes for practice and uniforms for games.

We supply a uniform including shirt and top. These are to be cleaned before they are returned at the conclusion of the season. Usually we allow a weeks time after the season before issuing a consequence for not returning these items.

Athletes are required to pay the $5.00 participation fee as do all students involved in extra-curricular activities. If your daughter cheers in the fall season, the $5.00 fee carries over for the basketball season.