Mission Statement

Walworth Jt. District #1 believes that the topic of Human Growth and Development exists as one aspect of the District’s Health Curriculum. This component helps our students to develop a positive self-concept, understand their growth and sexuality, and recognize the medical, social, and psychological reasons for a commitment to abstinence. Another purpose of this component is to develop strategies for responsible decision-making and to understand the importance of personal values formed in connection with their family values and religious beliefs.

A Partnership with Parents of Guardians

The instruction of students in sexuality issues is a partnership. The school’s role is to teach human growth and development concepts articulated through a board approved curriculum; the parents’ role is to share, explain, and to infuse family values. The school’s role is also to facilitate communication between the parent and students, between parents and the school, and amongst the parents of students studying human growth and development issues.

In order to strengthen the home/school partnership regarding the teaching of the human growth and development program, the Walworth Board of Education will:

  1. appoint a representative advisory committee every three years to review the curriculum and teaching materials
  2. require the administration to distribute to parents, on an annual basis, a written outline of curriculum objectives at all grade levels
  3. require that parents, on an annual basis, are notified in writing how they may exclude their children from all or part of the curriculum
  4. require the administration to implement Board Policy 381 to ensure that students excluded from this curriculum are held accountable for alternative topics of study

In order to teach these objectives we will be using a combination of classroom presentations, discussions, audiovisual materials, role playing activities, etc. If you wish to preview any or all of the audiovisual materials you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher to arrange a time convenient for the previewing. Also, please be informed that State Statute 118.4 allows for parents to exclude their children from the Human Growth and Development portion of our health curriculum. If you wish to discuss this option you may contact the School Principal.