The Walworth A squad team

The Walworth Jt. School District #1 girls basketball A team consisted of seven eighth graders and one seventh grader. The team had a strong start to the season.

"They play with tough defense against each team they are facing. Their love for the sport is shown through their hard work and teamwork," said Coach Mandi Austin of the A team.

The squad was 3-3 at last report. There were three games left and then the tournament rounds at last report.

The team finished its season on Saturday, Feb. 11, with a final-round game, a free throw competition, and a two-ball competition. Sophia N. competed for free throws and Lucia M. and Janet C. were the Walworth competitors for the two-ball event. No final results or B squad information was available as of this printing.

"They have gone up against a team that really makes them have to push themselves to get better and be the best they can at that very moment," said Austin. "And they have gone up against teams that allow them to grow in their skills and adapt to changes to try new things.

"Overall, I’m proud of what these girls have accomplished ... this season and the growth they have shown from last year until now."

(Photo: Todd Gauger)