March 6th through March 10th is National School Breakfast Week! This is a time to highlight the benefits of school breakfast and encourage students to participate in the school breakfast program. Research shows that students who participate in school breakfast programs are positively impacted in terms of higher test scores, calmer classrooms, fewer trips to the nurse, and higher attendance rates. 

Walworth is proud to make breakfasts free for all students and easily available every day!

Since beginning our universally free breakfast program, we have doubled the number of students who eat breakfast at school. This year we have served about 160 breakfasts per day to students on average compared to about 80 breakfasts per day in the 2019 school year when breakfast was not universally free. We understand that learning is a lot harder on a hungry belly, and Walworth is happy to make breakfast free, easy, and available to all students.

 For more information on the benefits of school breakfast, visit the dpi website: