Three Track Athletes Running with a Wildcat Logo and Photo of Wesley the Wildcat

The Walworth Jt. School District #1 track teams had a final event at the Big Foot Meet in Walworth on May 15.

The top finishers for girls in grade 5-6 were: Annalina S., Raiden S., Emma M., Mia M., and the 400-meter relay teams of Addi P., Grace W., Tenley C. and Kallie W., and Mia M., Camilla H., Raiden S. and Josie S.

For the boys, top finishers for grades 5-6 were: Jayce H., Wyatt H., Gabe R., Phillip K., Andrew W., Clay K., Jasper H., Jacob S,, Maddox W., and the relay teams of Gerardo L., Wyatt H., Jayce H.  and Phillip K., as well as the as the coed medley relay team.

For grades 7-8,  top finishers for girls were: Jaelynn M., Sierra F., Sophia N., and Janet C., as well as  the 400-meter relay team of Lucia M., Nalaya S., Sierra F. and Fiore M.

For grades 7-8 boys, the top finishers were: Gerardo L., Chase W., Landyn H., Joe K., Chris H., Chris C., Aidan C., Roger S.,  and the eighth-grade relay team of Chris H., Chris C., Aidan C. and Moises C.,  and the seventh-grade relay team of Chase W., Reed N., Joe K. and Landyn H.