Big Foot High School Student-Athlete Hudson Torrez  poses with a 2nd Grade Student after playing a game of basketball pop a shot

Walworth, WI - October 13, 2023

Classrooms at Walworth Joint School District #1 were buzzing with excitement as three senior basketball players from Big Foot High School, affectionately known as the Chiefs, visited the school along with their varsity basketball coach, Hunter Price. The purpose of their visit? To inspire middle school students to embrace the numerous benefits of participating in extracurricular activities, such as school musicals and sports.

The Big Foot Chiefs, a respected name in Wisconsin high school basketball, brought their wisdom and experience to the younger students, sharing valuable insights about teamwork and personal growth that participation in such activities can provide.

Coach Hunter Price emphasized the importance of finding one's passion and the positive impact it can have on personal development. "Extracurricular activities, whether it's playing basketball, being part of the school musical, or any other endeavor, offer students a chance to learn skills, create lasting memories, and build lifelong friendships" Price said.

The Chief basketball players who took the time to visit Walworth Jt. School District #1, Hudson Torrez, Patrick Corey, and Finn Burdick, were not only remarkable athletes but also exemplified the spirit of leadership and dedication. They shared their personal stories of growth and achievement through their involvement in middle school and club sports, encouraging the middle school students to explore their interests.

"Participating in extracurricular activities not only enhances your skills but also helps you build friendships that can last a lifetime," said Hudson Torrez, a former Walworth student and star on the Big Foot soccer and basketball teams.

To make the visit even more memorable, the Chief basketball players made an unexpected stop in an elementary classroom, challenging a group of eager 2nd graders to a basketball "pop-a-shot" contest. The young students were thrilled to take on the high school players, showcasing their own budding basketball skills.

The event was met with enthusiasm by both students and staff at Walworth Jt. School District #1, with District Administrator Phill Klamm expressing his gratitude for the Chiefs' visit. "It's wonderful to see our students inspired by successful student-athletes and the positive messages they bring. We believe in fostering well-rounded individuals, and this visit certainly played a significant role in that mission," Klamm said.

The Big Foot Chiefs' visit to Walworth Joint School District #1 demonstrated the enduring impact that high school athletes can have on younger generations. Their message of dedication, teamwork, and the numerous advantages of participating in extracurricular activities will undoubtedly resonate with students for years to come.