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Dear Walworth Families,

Due to the critical level of COVID-19 burden in the community, the number of cases throughout the building, and the amount of staff impacted by COVID-19 situations, Walworth Joint School District #1 will be moving to virtual instruction starting on Wednesday, November 18th, and will continue through Tuesday, November 24th.  School will be in session on Tuesday, November 17th, should families wish to send their children. 

Virtual instruction will include daily live sessions, on-demand video lessons, virtual classrooms and support for students and families by teachers and staff.  Your student’s homeroom teacher will send information tomorrow including: your student’s schedule, teacher contact details, and any other relevant information.  

If your student is in need of a chromebook or internet hotspot and you have already filled out the relevant forms, it will be sent home with them on Tuesday, November 17th.  If your student is not in attendance on Tuesday, please call Mrs. Coleman at (262) 275-6896 to arrange a pick up time.  If you have not completed the forms, or are unsure, please call Mrs. Coleman at (262) 275-6896 to confirm.

During virtual instruction our food service team will continue to provide both breakfast and lunch options for the children in our community.  As a reminder, there is no cost for breakfast or lunch for students ages 18 and under.  Meal pick up will be available at the circle drive (Beloit St.) from 10:30 am through 12:00 pm daily. 

We recognize that the move to virtual learning is difficult for our students and families.  We are here to help support your student and family throughout this process.  Please contact us with your questions and we will be happy to help.  More information will be coming tomorrow: Tuesday, November 17th.

For updated Covid-19 information within our school please visit our school’s COVID-19 dashboard: https://www.walworth.k12.wi.us/covid-19-dashboard-walworth-school


Phill Klamm

District Administrator