A Plat Map Is Shown Showing the Plat at The Corner Of Beloit St, Kenosha St, and S Main St in Walworth Wisconsin

Waal's was a department store and a cornerstone of the Walworth community back in the day. Then, about nine or so years ago, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation purchased the land on the corner of Kenosha St., Beloit St. and South Main St.

The building was torn down to make room for Highway 14 improvements. 

The Walworth school district uses the land for access to its parking lot and for some staff parking.

The school district recently reached an agreement with the WI-DOT that it would care for the land - mow, weed, shovel, plow and such - for use and control of the land for a one-year time period, renewable up to five years.

"We have already received compliments on the improved upkeep of the land as it is in a high-visibility location" said Phill Klamm, district administrator for Walworth Jt. School District #1.