Students Pet  a Dog as He Lays On His Back

A Golden Retriever named Copper, who turns 8 years old on Oct. 22, is a pure-gold asset for students at Walworth Jt. School District #1. Copper, one of two Golden Retrievers in Kat Schwind's household, visits the school from time to time.

"Copper has always had this incredibly calming presence about him," said Schwind of the Multiage Homeroom at Walworth.  "We got him certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He comes to school one or two times a month."

Copper, who serves as the school's therapy dog, offers comfort for those around him in school.

"He could work with any student (or staff) in the school, but he mostly helps in the Guidance Department, with reading services, and to provide support however needed," said Schwind.