School Board, Administration, and WASB Business Honor Roll Recipients Stand for a Picture in the Library

On Monday, October 24, 2022, the Walworth Jt. School District #1 Board of Education recognized this year's WASB Business Honor Roll recipients with a reception, recognition during the meeting, and a photo.  The District is very thankful for all of our business and organizational partners!

The WASB Business Honor Roll recognizes outstanding local businesses that support their schools. Member school boards nominated businesses, including newspapers or other media, which have been helpful to their schools over the past year. Congratulations to the following businesses and thanks to their respective school districts for their nominations!

Little Professors Learning Center LLC – Little Professors Learning Center LLC has been a long-time partner of Walworth Jt. School District #1.  This year under the leadership of Amy Faul, Little Professors has moved onto District property with a lease agreement, making their services even more convenient for Walworth families. In addition to relocating their business to increase ease for Walworth families, Little Professors has also improved numerous areas of the school building including but not limited to the outdoor play area, the atrium and the infant room. In addition to their services to our youngest students, Little Professors also took our theme of #BetterTogether to heart and unified numerous businesses in a monthly gift card giveaway for our middle school students. We are thankful for our partnership and excited to continue working together in the future!

 Onvoy/Badger Plug – The team at Onvoy/Badger Plug really stepped up for our Holiday Gift Program this year.  We are thankful to the team at Onvoy/Badger Plug for donating well over $1,000 worth of various gift cards to our program to give out to our families during the 2021-22 holiday season. We are thankful for our partnership and excited to continue working together in the future!

 Livingston Contracting LLC & Harvard Nursery – We are very thankful for our partners at Livingston Contracting LLC & Harvard Nursery as they teamed up to beautify our school landscaping. When the original quote came in out of range for the school budget, Livingston Contracting, led by Stan Livingston, worked with Harvard Nursery to come up with a way to improve the school grounds within the available budget. When it was all said and done, both companies ended up donating over $5,000 worth of materials and work to complete the project. Since the project has been completed, numerous community members have commented on the beautiful improvements to the school grounds. We are thankful for our partnerships and excited to continue working together in the future!

Lake Geneva Psychology – We value the partnership that has been created with Lake Geneva Psychology. They are a group of dedicated psychologists who seek to serve our community by providing effective, evidence-based treatments. In addition, Dr. Sosa and her team have brought their expertise to our school providing consultation services and staff professional development in the area of mental health. We are incredibly thankful for this partnership and shared vision of supporting our students’ health and happiness, while helping them reach their fullest potential!