Mr Beauchaine in Costume Holding a Carved Pumpkin Face

The Welcome Center was filled with large pumpkins before Halloween. Students and staff were adorned with costumes of all sorts. Then there was the parade around the Square as older students and community members watched the Walworth Jt. School District #1 band perform and the young students march two laps around the Square.

 "We were so excited to be able to have our annual Halloween Parade," said Caitlin Dowden, school principal. "It was a great afternoon for our students and staff and we enjoyed the support from our families and community who joined us that afternoon. The smiles on our students' faces as they walked around the Square in their Halloween costumes said it all!"

 The Walworth Children's Foundation reached out to one of the school's community partners, "Seeds of Hope," who generously donated more than 20 huge pumpkins to the school. Staff members were invited to take a pumpkin from the Welcome Center to decorate/carve it with their classes.

 "They are some of the biggest pumpkins I have seen in a long time! I'm sure your students will enjoy whatever 'pumpkin' activity you do together," said Jennifer Ott-Wilson, school counselor, to staff members in advance. "I'm so thankful for our community."

 Dowden echoed those thoughts.

 "Our school was so grateful for the generous donation of many pumpkins," said Dowden. "Students and staff used the pumpkins for class activities that added to the excitement and experiences here at school."

 Also, the school counseling department had some extra costumes for students who needed them on Halloween Monday.