Teacher Pointing to a ActivPanel and Students Watching as ELA Curriculum is Taught

Throughout the Walworth Jt. District #1 building you may see a class of fourth graders discussing causes and effects of earthquakes and tsunamis, or a class of first graders analyzing the motivations of Frontier Explorers. Head upstairs and eighth-grade students are evaluating sources while learning about the Space Race.

This is all part of teachers implementing a new English Language Arts curriculum this school year in grades 1-8.  Amplify is a program that sequences deep content knowledge with research-based skills, which is supported by the Science of Reading movement that focuses on neurological development in children.

Each year, Amplify allows students to build on the knowledge learned in prior years, providing the opportunity for them to become experts in different content areas, including history, science, literature, and the arts, while learning how to access texts and apply their learning.

Amplify teaches the skills necessary to be critical thinkers, providing countless opportunities for students to be inquisitive, curious, and apply their reading skills to a vast array of content topics.

Amplify is a top-rated, award-winning program that was just recognized by the Knowledge Matters Campaign for the program’s rigor and quality of knowledge-building content.