From Left to Right: Board President Mary Heyer, District Administrator Phill Klamm,  Business Manager Karie Bourke, Board Member Tracey Scott

Walworth Jt School District #1 School Board president Mary Heyer and board member Tracey Scott were among the attendees at the Wisconsin State Education Convention at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee on Jan. 18-20. They were accompanied by Phill Klamm, district administrator, and Karie Bourke, business manager.

The convention, which brought together education leaders from across the state, featured a variety of sessions focused on important issues facing Wisconsin schools, including legal, legislative, and school finance.

Heyer and Scott had the opportunity to attend several sessions and network with other school board members, administrators and education experts. They were able to gain valuable insights and knowledge that will help guide the district in its efforts to provide the best possible education for its students, said Klamm.

"In these challenging budget times, it was an invaluable experience to attend the convention and learn from our peers across the state. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring back valuable information and strategies to our school board and district," said Heyer.

"I was impressed by the dedication and passion of the educators and leaders we met at the convention," said Scott. "It was clear that everyone is working hard to improve schools and support students in Wisconsin."

"The Walworth Jt School District #1 board and administration will now be able to use the knowledge gained during the convention to make informed decisions that will benefit the district and its students," said Klamm. "The community can be assured that the district is committed to staying informed and up-to-date on the latest education trends and best practices."