Makerspace: Cardboard Construction with MakeDo


Cardboard Construction with MakeDo

Make Do

Makedo is a cardboard construction system for 21st century thinking, making and play. Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. Students will build imaginative and useful creations from upcycled (repurposed) everyday cardboard.

Each student will receive a MakeDo mini-tool and 10 screws that they can bring home with them to reuse over and over.

Student Learning Targets:  Students can create and design a replica of an existing object. Students will use their imagination to design a project using cardboard. Students will use MakeDo tools to complete their project more efficiently.

Career Connections: Career Clusters:  Science,Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)


October 10, 2018 1st - 5th Grade 3:30pm-5:30pm


$5.00 per student.

Please pick your student up at 5:30 at the bus loading doors. Thank you.